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We also specialize in integrations between SL1 and 3rd party systems.  Whether utilizing the REST API or developing policies with the Integration Service product, we are able to bring together data from across your organization to enable big picture correlation, root cause analysis, or automation of processes.

Below is a sample of the custom development we've performed for ScienceLogic customers:

  • Custom Integrations:

    • Bi-directional ticket creation between SL1 and ServiceNow/Perspectium

    • Bi-directional ticket create/update/delete between SL1 and ConnectWise

    • Data ingestion from TIBCO via custom log parsing into SL1

    • Data ingestion from CA Wiley via email  alerts into SL1, return via API calls

  • Custom Reporting:

    • Custom Billing reports for MSP clients

    • Custom Audit reports for MSP clients

    • Custom Availability reports for MSP clients

    • Automated Health Check reports

    • Component Device Availability reporting

    • Vendor-specific Device reports

  • Custom Monitors (Dynamic Applications):

    • Windows monitoring via PowerShell and WMI​

    • Linux monitoring via SSH remote console

    • Cisco Wireless WLC/WAP via SNMP /w DCM

    • MS Clusters via PowerShell/SNMP/Logs /w DCM

    • Custom Monitors for Homegrown Apps

  • Custom Visualization:

    • Dashboard Widgets

    • Custom Event Lists

    • Custom Service Maps

    • IT  Service Models

  • Custom Runbook Automations

    • API integrations​

    • Event generation and filtering

    • Alert categorization

    • Email alerting

    • Log monitoring

Example report code in PyCharm IDE.png

OpsVision offers custom development services for ScienceLogic SL1.  As a Technical Services Partner (TSP) with ScienceLogic, we regularly work directly for their professional services organization to deliver on custom development solutions.  Our consultants are well versed in coding in Python, PHP, and SQL to extend the capabilities of the SL1 platform.  We develop full powerpack solutions or can customize existing solutions to add the functionality to meet your specific business requirements.

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